Digital Workflow

3M True Definition
  1. Select date request and click OK
  2. Select Z Crown
  3. Add your notes:
    • Implant system
    • Implant diameter
    • Restoration
    • Preferences
  4. Press “Touch to Select Restoration”
  5. Choose your restoration, press OK
  6. Select your material and sign with PIN
3shape TRIOS
  1. Select Z Crown while filling out your Rx
  2. After scanning, press the tooth icon
  3. Press “Post Process”
  4. Press “Mail” then “Send Order”
Cadent iTero
  1. When filling out the digital Rx select the “Ship To > Lab” field
  2. Enter “Z Crown
  3. Complete your Rx and scan as normal
  4. Once your digital model is complete press “Send”
Cerec BlueCam
  1. Mark your margins and select connect
  2. Sign in
  3. Review order
  4. Select Z Crown, return date and time
  5. Confirm order and submit
E4D Dentist
  1. Press “Export and Send Buccal Bite Case (.stl)” icon
  2. Fill out patient information and payment details
  3. Check “Save and Email your STL Files”
  4. Click “Submit Case”
  5. Enter email, Press “Upload Files & Send Email”
  6. Forward email to

Traditional Workflow


  • Models need to be poured
  • Models need to be trimmed
  • Margins need to be marked
  • Model needs to be articulated


  • Traditional Impression
  • Clear view of margins
  • Heavy Body, with Light Body